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Our plan for delivering lasting change in medicine is to empower physicians and providers to deliver high value, community focused, root cause resolution medicine in every zip code of this country. Find a Meetup »

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Our events create dialogue between practitioners that are sharing best practices, asking tough questions, and helping each other to create the greatest impact with their patients and communities. It gives you the opportunity to not only network but also, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your own healthcare community. Attend a Meetup »

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The purpose of the Functional Forum local meetup groups is to help you to develop a community of practitioners in your area who “get it”, to build your referral network, add value to your practice, your community, and the movement at large. Host a Meetup »

Learn how to Supercharge Your Meetup with James Maskell, Founder of the Functional Forum and Kristen Brokaw, Founder, St Louis Institute for Integrative Medicine. Join us the third Wednesday of every month at 8pm EST. Register here!

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The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 62nd episode of the Functional Forum, focusing on innovative ways that clinician entrepreneurs are growing functional and integrative medicine practices in cities across the country.